The Unbound Grace Integrative Learning Center at Sentinel Farms sits at the center of all of the farm enterprises. We offer hands-on skill and confidence building practice into the healing nature of agriculture stewardship. 
Sentinel Farms welcomes & invites you to take an active role in our capacity to regenerate Whole Health and Wellness, to join The Growing Community of Unbound Grace.

Add Your Gifts, Talents and Passion

to the Revolution of Regenerative Whole Health!

A traditional approach to health and wellness values enduring compassionate community relationships. When we recognize our deeply rooted connection to the food that fuels us, the need to nurture the soil becomes a primary factor in achieving Whole Health.

To get involved, shadow Kerry for a full or half day, where a multitude of skills are taught, needed and abound, ranging from:

  • Field work, maintenance and landscaping
  • Organic vegetable and flower gardens
  • Animal Husbandry: Learn to care for large animals – horses and/or cows

Sign up to take part in small to large building projects range from building:

  • Stadium, cross country jumps
  • Repurposing barn space into mechanical arts & energy studio
  • Social Media & Outreach
  • Events & Hospitality

Upcoming events to get involved in community:

  • Burger Wednesdays every week!
  • Upcoming BigBarn Memorial Day weekend Tag Sale
  • 5 Summer Saturday Young Sentinels Exhibitions
  • Summer Theater Youth Advocacy Performance – August 10th

If you’d like to be more involved, view our Internship tab to learn more about a more formal involvement in Unbound Grace’s evolution