There an increasing public awareness of the challenges youth face today and the ease of getting involved with life-threatening, risky behaviors. Children need a supportive community around them for guidance. 

The Unbound Grace Integrative Learning Center 
at Sentinel Farms provides space for self-discovery and hands-on creative activities, while building caring, Love-centered relationships that will last a lifetime.

Durable relationships support youth to achieve both healthy maturation and their health-centered goals through young adulthood.

Together, all things are possible

A Note from Kerry
As part of this Great Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to thank you.
It is because of you that we are able to spend intentional time with kids of all ages, inviting them in to enjoy gifts of everyday, out of doors learning, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, to value all of creation, and to embrace the joy of hard work.
We are excited to share with you the awesome smiles and palpable joy that you have helped to create in the photos taken during the Summer 2018 Programs.

A Leader
in the Growing Community
of Unbound Grace

January 14th, 2017

Victor Hinojosa

If you’re a Vermonter, we would like to introduce you to your future Governor, today! 

“Unbound Grace supported my dream as a child and continues to support my goal to become Governor of Vermont. I look forward to serving all of Vermont.”

Victor began spending time at Sentinel Farm when he was 9 years old. Victor, now a Sophomore at Norwich University, is the leader of the Eagle Scout Order of the Arrow, and recently completed an internship with Governor Phil Scott. Victor is simply a stellar individual. We all look forward to Victor sharing his testimonial with you in our next edition.

We Start ‘Em Young!


If you dream it, and put the effort in, 

you can do it!


The vision to support

every child to achieve their dreams continues to unfold with your help

Together, all things are possible!

Your support provides the lattice upon which children grow.

How does an unplugged space create a direct connect for healthy kids? Never underestimate the power of a week spent out of doors in Vermont!

Youngsters who have hope and remain focused on their healthy journey, avoid needless risky behaviors, and are on a journey to achieve their dreams.

Please Help Support our Annual Fund

Tuition is never a deciding factor. All youth are welcomed regardless of their families’ current financial strength. This

is made possible through your intentional support.
The growing community of  Unbound Grace says “YES!” and welcomes all children who are interested in learning and becoming part our Health-based Community.

We all Thank YOU for your support.


Save the Date!


Come on down for our Family Field Days and the Grand Opening of the Flying Horse Training Arena on May 25th, 2019!

Please come join in the fun as a program underwriter or a volunteer!


For more information on how you can get involved

please reach out to Kerry!