My name is Robin Dion.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother and educator.  I live in Bristol VT. This past August my daughter Emily approached me with the desire to start riding horses again. On a hot, humid, rainy August day we decided to visit Sentinel Farms in Starksboro, VT.  This is where our relationship with Kerry Kurt and Unbound Grace began.

As we sat on the porch, watching the chicken and roosters scurrying about, we noticed in the distance a group of children, some on horses others on foot, walking down the path with a few adults.  All the children looked happy, organized and safe.  As they approached the barn they all seemed to know what their jobs were, even the very young, and safety seemed to be of the utmost importance. What was very impressive to me was the relationship Kerry had with these children. Respect was very evident, on both sides.

After settling the children into their home cooked lunch, Kerry was most gracious to my daughter and me, and was eager to share Sentinel Farms and Unbound Grace with us.  Her passion and vision for this organization was contagious.  From that day to the present, we have been honored to be part of Sentinel Farms and the Unbound Grace adventure.

As a current educator in the community in which I reside, I value public education, however I recognize the needs for alternative means of reaching out to our youth today.

Unbound Grace provides acres upon acres of beautiful Vermont farm land stretched out over rolling hills.  There are stalls filled with beautiful horses that need care and loving attention, where respectful relationships between horses and children (and adults) are developed. Also, beef cattle and chickens need to be fed and gardens need to be cultivated and harvested. Community members join in the Unbound Grace mission of health focused youth programming by sharing their gifts and talents and mentoring children in their areas of personal interest including: woodworking, arts, music, dance, sports etc. Children enjoy learning from adults who are passionate about sharing their love – meanwhile cooperative team building is experienced and new community relationships are sown.

For my daughter and I, Sentinel Farms has brought us to a place of friendship, sharing and sweet serenity; a place where we share a common vision as mother and daughter.

One of my desires in life was to learn how to care for and ride a horse, although I never had the courage until I came to Sentinel Farms.  I now am beginning a new adventure at age 55, participating in classical horsemanship!

For my daughter, she is following a desire to embark on an Agricultural program in school this upcoming school year but most importantly, her time spent at Sentinel Farms has helped her in the healing process in the tragic loss of a dear friend

In conclusion , it is my sincere hope, that when darkness surrounds our children (and it will), that we can rally together as a universe and keep them safe from the storms, give them love and let it surround them…… through “UNBOUND GRACE” .

Robin Dion, Starksboro