Hi my name is Dakota. I am fourteen and I attend Mt Abraham Union High School.

I started coming to the barn three years ago with my sister, now I come with a friend. I think that kids need to have a place where they can go and learn about animals and ask any questions that they have, if they need too, and not be scared to ask it. A place were boys can learn to do manly stuff.  For example, fixing something that is broken. Kids need a place where they won’t get sucked into bad stuff like drugs or alcohol or cigarettes. I hope more people come to the barn and that we can open up the indoor riding arena for winter or at night. I think in a kid’s life there needs to be three things to keep them happy: 1. fun/free time, 2. time outside and 3. time with animals. It could be time with pets or barn animals it doesn’t matter. At the Sentinel Farms there’s all three together.

Dakota Demore, Starksboro