You are a powerful regenerative force!

When you choose Sentinel Farms Beef you become the purveyor of Regenerative Whole Health. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Sentinel Farms prioritizes the health and well being of every animal in our family herd which directly translates into the highest nutrition and quality beef for you to share with family and friends.

Together, we become part of the revolutionary answer we seek when we intentionally use our most renewable resource, our hunger, to invest in foundational community health and healing from the ground that nurtures the food we eat, to how we extend our care for every child within our community.

Sentinel Farms offers individuals and families affordable, high quality, clean single source, Grass Finished Beef! Available by the cut or enjoy considerable savings when purchasing a side of beef.
At 5.50/lb hanging weight you receive all the custom packaged cuts at one low price.

Did you know a new freezer sized to hold a half a beef, costs less than $40 a year to operate?
It makes good sense.


This year’s harvest will begin in July. Place your order today to reserve your side of Heart Healthy Beef!