Our beef herd at Sentinel Farms is bred for gentle nature, stature, ease of gain, and a longer haired red coat that provides extra protection from Vermont’s cold winters and plentiful insects in the summer. Poled (or born without horns) the herd began in 2009 with 7 Hereford heifers. We planned breeding’s to the nation’s top Red Angus and Hereford Breeding bulls to arrive at the desired mix of qualities and characteristics to match our home climate and topography.

Beef Larson Sun King While a strong influence on our herd’s current young is Larson Sun King 016 (find out more about him here), we now have two of our own bulls that are exactly what our breeding program has been aiming for. Sentinel’s Willem 2012 and Sentinel’s Reid 2013. Each has a strong square build, posses an ease of weight gain for a full grass forage diet, a slightly longer red to red brown coat, gentle demeanor, and a medium length leg – perfect for navigating the natural winter snow accumulation and the woods where they seek shelter from the wind in the winter and the heat of the sun in the summer.  Both are very handsome bulls with an Arnold Schwartzeneger build – with out any unnatural additives! Reid will be starting his breeding career this coming season and we will see the calves of Willem’s first breeding season starting in April 2014.

Chickens F1000024 Calf_1