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Testimonials - Victor Hinojosa

Testimonials – Victor Hinojosa

Some people think that the horse n rebel is just a general store and a horse camp but it is more then it appears. It’s a place to bond with others and a place to just relax on the porch and eat you lunch. Having that friendly and cozy dog missy sit...
Testimonials - Heidi Burbo

Testimonials – Heidi Burbo

Hi my name is Heidi Bierbo. I am Autunm Bierbo’s mother. My husband and I have tied our best to make sure our daughter had everything she needed. We were always a family that spent a lot of time together even though both my husband and I were disabled. Joe past away...
Testimonials - Autumn Burbo

Testimonials – Autumn Burbo

Hi my name is Autumn Burbo. I am in 6th grade. Since I was 6 years old my parents have been disabled. First my dad then my mom a year later. My parents did a lot with me. We went camping, fishing, and to the racecar races. I spent a lot o...