The Common Sense Prudence of Investing in Prevention. A day of grace.

On March 18th, the Youth of Unbound Grace ~ Sentinel Farms will share their testimonials with House Health & Welfare at 9:45 and Senate Health & Welfare at 11:45, as part of their Youth Voices 2014, Mutual Learning Campaign. UGSF Youth believe that sharing their real life experiences can help clarify a simple answer to keeping kids away from falling into life threatening experimentation with opiates and heroin and other risky behaviors.

  •  When youth are focused on achieving their own goals and dream, a beneficial side effect occurs – their energy shifts from life avoidance to a healthy hunger for creative achievement.
  •  When youth are mentored to find their voice and become Youth Full Leaders within a caring and health focused Mutual Learning Community – the integrity and strength of our home communities are insured.

There is no amount of money or apologies that can recoup the tragedy of a life lost due to being overlooked. We must be careful to recognize that our Youth are not a Renewable Resource.

The Common Sense Prudence of Investing in Prevention is rooted in our Traditional Vermont Agricultural Values of Good Stewardship and binds us to our fiscal and ethical responsibility to invest our most precious resources Rightly!

You are invited to come join in some Youth Led ~ Homespun Fun! Wear Pink – if you got any!