Unbound Grace supports building better communities in Vermont. We are currently working to expand our successful Sentinel Farms Arts, Agriculture and Equestrian Camps Program, in Starksboro, VT. Our goal is to build a Four-Season Indoor Programming Space & Arena that will allow us to continue our programs through the cold Vermont winters.

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With a growing membership of active social stewards, we are committed to promoting the health and well being of each and every individual and family. Our mission is to provide the community with health-centered activities rooted in the ideals of sustainable agriculture, the arts, and classical horsemanship, where individuals of all ages are encouraged to find and share their gifts, talents, and passions.

Unbound Grace and Sentinel Farms programming will have a direct impact on the future of Starksboro youth by fostering opportunities for healthy outdoor activities, where camp participants are actively engaged in learning through:

-Classical horsemanship, which focuses on a respectful and enjoyable relationship between horse and rider.

-Farm stewardship, which teaches about pasture rotation and animal health through tending the community garden, cattle and other farm animals.

-Community and skill building through interaction with peers, cooperative teamwork, animals & many different Starksboro residents/mentors along with woodworking, art, music, dance, sports; as community members seek to share their gifts & talents.

Summer camps like this one keep kids learning year round and improve their chances for a bright, educated future. Participation in camp activities results in a sense of pride and accomplishment. Each week campers progress and develop their own leadership style as they encourage and support each other with their responsibilities. Campers recognize an increased sense of belonging to their greater community as they forge meaningful relationships and grow into future camp counselors.

We are hoping to continue this support throughout the year and need your help to do so. Every little bit will help. Together we can help any kids choose better life paths. Please proceed to our ‘How You Can Help’ page to see how you can become part of the healing and rebuilding.