Some people think that the horse n rebel is just a general store and a horse camp but it is more then it appears. It’s a place to bond with others and a place to just relax on the porch and eat you lunch. Having that friendly and cozy dog missy sit on your lap as you socialize with the other.

Taking Kerry’s camp taught me amazing things that I never would have known without her teaching me them and the other nine kids that took the camp, but now after the camp I can call them all my friends, how to not be frightened of the horses. We could tell the horses are not just pets to her they are her family, and I don’t mean that they live right up the hill close type of family, I mean very deeply and forever imbedded in her heart forever and ever.

The camp was and I’m not lying here was the best choice of my life. Kerry’s camp was a great place to bond with other campers and just get to know them. Kerry was talking to me about how she’s thinking about building an indoor arena to ride in the winter. That to me and I’m sure it was to others “like a puppy for Christmas.” Now if she does build one you’ll be able to ride in the winter how cool is that!!!

Kerry’s camp is a memory I will never forget. I can remember one night me and a boy named Ryan stayed up all night talking about how camp and riding went that week. Just us talking got us a whole lot closer to each other. I think trust is a main part of Kerry’s camp. Trust the campers, trust the horses and trust yourself. Follow that code and follow your path. The horse n rebel is not just a general store and a horse camp its more then it appears to the naked eye.

Be one with the Earth and the Earth will be one with you.

-Victor Hinojosa, Summer 2011