Hi my name is Heidi Bierbo. I am Autunm Bierbo’s mother. My husband and I have tied our best to make sure our daughter had everything she needed. We were always a family that spent a lot of time together even though both my husband and I were disabled. Joe past away this March from CHF and diabetes. Out family hasn’t been the same since. I would love to see my daughter get her all time wish of learning more about horses. I grew up riding horses and that is probably where she got the nitch for horses. Autumn loves all animals and is very enthusiastic about them.

I think she would benefit greatly I she had to opportunity to go to horse camp. It would be very healthy for her o get outside more around other kids and have fun. It has been a hard year and I think this could help her move forward and start enjoying life again. If Joe was here he would have said “we will do everything possible to make going to camp a reality for our daughter.”

Thank you for your time.

–Heidi Burbo, Summer 2011