Hi my name is Autumn Burbo. I am in 6th grade. Since I was 6 years old my parents have been disabled. First my dad then my mom a year later. My parents did a lot with me. We went camping, fishing, and to the racecar races. I spent a lot o time with my dad helping him and caring for him because he became sicker. He died on march 4th, 2011. I would like to do things outside again like be around horses. Ever since I can remember I have loved horses and wanted one. I collect horses and horse stuff. I rode my first horse when I was 6 months old with my papa. Once in a while I ride my Aunt Sherry’s horses. My wish is to have my own horse and horse farm. That is why I want to go to horse camp.

I think it would be healthy for me to go to camp at Horse n rebel because I would like to do more fun things outside again. I love horses and would like to learn more about them. Being at camp would be healthier than just sitting around and watching T.V. I want to spend my time taking care of horses this summer.

I think other people should come to camp because they can learn more about nature and hw to take care of a farm.

–Autumn Burbo, Summer 2011