Vickie, RN

A Leader In the Growing Community of Unbound Grace


When I ran into Kerry in the grocery store, a year after initially meeting her, my family was not in a good place. I was just beginning to move through the process of a tumultuous divorce requiring a relief of abuse order. Finances were more than tight, and I was struggling to keep my head above water just enough to help my three girls cope.

The girls and I had all suffered emotional abuse and traumas, the effects of which were just becoming shockingly apparent. My family was dealing with physical symptoms, depression, hypervigilance and night terrors. I watched my children withdraw from friends and school activities for fear of leaving the safety of our house or more specifically my side.

I started doing all of the things I knew I should do. We had medical appointments and mental health counseling for everyone but for some reason I didn’t feel like things were coming together for us. I was working full time as the sole provider and transporting the kids to a minimum of 3 appointments per week. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and not tending to my own needs I felt like no one was holding me up.

Kerry told me about Unbound Grace and invited my girls to attend letting me know that scholarship was available and not to worry about cost. My girls attended the camp for one week and it was a turning point for them. Kerry’s calm and supportive nature provided me with a soft place to land as well. I finally had someone to confide in. The strength I gained through our relationship helped me to better serve my own kids.

The girls bonded with the horses and I saw them beginning to choose socialization over solitude. My oldest even took on a leadership role at camp mentoring the younger kids. When camp was over we maintained involvement with Unbound Grace. The girls begged me to bring them back to visit the farm, so they could see the horses. I was happy to oblige because I would get to see Kerry and what seemed like a simple cup of tea and a talk was a much-needed recharge for my own self-esteem and confidence.

Today, I am stronger than ever working two jobs and supporting the physical and emotional needs of my teenagers. My oldest daughter has graduated and works full time while pursuing her own degree in Nursing. My middle child will graduate this year with honors and will attend University studying biochemistry. She has taken great interest global studies and through her high school French program met wonderful friends in Belgium, even traveling there twice after earning her own way. My youngest daughter continues to describe Unbound Grace and Kerry as a place of unconditional love. She is an honor student in high school now and has been so empowered by her experience she didn’t think twice when asked to join the girl’s Rugby team. She’s braver than I.

We will continue support the efforts of Kerry and Unbound Grace because we have seen firsthand how the evidenced based approach of human and animal connection can create the therapeutic and family centered environment needed to grow resilient families.


Written by Vickie, RN. Names adjusted for privacy.