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Unbound Grace

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Celebrating the Good News! 2022

Unbound Grace Re-Roots our youth back into Vermont’s traditional agricultural skills and values! Unbound Grace provides a lattice upon which healthy children grow! We have lots of exciting summer events Upcoming! 2022 Sentinel Saturdays: Out of doors, Horse Centered Edutainment for the whole family with lunch available. Sentinel Farms Arts, Agricultural &...
The Great Thanksgiving!

The Great Thanksgiving!

​   The Great Thanksgiving!    You are making a difference!     Together we are celebrating 10 years of Whole Health, Farm-based programs that Re-Root our youth back into Vermont’s traditional agricultural skills and values.       And we thank you!    There an increasing public awareness of the challenges...
Breeding Beef of Substance

Breeding Beef of Substance

Here at Sentinel Farms ~ Unbound Grace, animals are a respected part of sustainable living.
Come rock winter February 15th to 19th at the farm — hiking, horses, art projects, learning animal tracks, games and baking!!!! Check our the flyer link below for more information.
The horses serve such an integral function within the work at Unbound Grace.
Check out all the news from Unbound Grace! I am a friend OR I am a local business  
Get ready for an awesome summer of youth camps at Sentinel Farms supported by Unbound Grace. Download your camp forms here. Find more information on the program page. Camp runs five days /week and begins on Monday at 9:00 – 3:30. Friday has an early pick up at 11:30 am. Weather allowing –...
2nd Annual Youth Advocacy Day ~ A Day of Grace

2nd Annual Youth Advocacy Day ~ A Day of Grace

Our second annual Youth Advocacy Day ~ A Day of Grace was a great success! We had an amazing day meeting the governor and other legislators, and our youth shared their experiences and gains from Unbound Grace ~ Sentinel Farm’s youth programming. Check out some photos from the day, a news story about us...

Renditions of the proposed Unbound Grace ~ Sentinel Farms Year-round Programming Barn